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The Real Face of Motherhood

~ Friday 2nd December 2016 ~

As I was getting ready to go to bed, I snuck a glance at my self in the mirror. I couldn’t help but notice all the food stains on my top. Ironically, I was about to press publish on a photo I had just uploaded onto Instagram of the nice day we had today at the Christmas markets. It made me... View Article

The life of an Essentialist Mum

~ Sunday 18th September 2016 ~

I am back at work. It’s my second week in the office. To say it has been awful would be an understatement. I have caught the infamous mum guilt! I miss my little girl. I’m trying to adjust to life back in the office, but my mind keeps wandering to my little baby daughter. I wonder what she might be doing at this moment in time.... View Article

Burn Baby Burn

~ Sunday 11th September 2016 ~

Since I’ve become a mum and gone on maternity leave, my days have become so much more unpredictable. Unmanageable at times it seems. The girl that was once ticking deadlines and appointments off her diary, is no more. Farewell, old organised, shiny haired Vicky! Taking care of yourself I was somewhere between a nappy change and a feed, lusting for a... View Article