The Birth I Wanted And The Birth I Needed

~ Friday 25th November 2016 ~

I remember reading everything I could get my hands on when I was pregnant about growing little humans in your belly. And I also made a conscious effort to block all the “noise” out, peoples’ very well-intended tips and stories that seem to come out of nowhere, so unexpected. Bringing a new little life into the world was by far... View Article

Why I Repacked My Hospital Bag Last Minute

~ Friday 11th November 2016 ~

Last night I was sorting through some baby clothes when I found the packing list I wrote for the hospital bag. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, I had developed an obsession of cleaning and rearranging the house. Nesting, or craziness? Its a fine line. Few days before the big day, I had suddenly felt the urge to empty... View Article

Old Wives’ Tales and Why I Sometimes Feel Like Frank the Pug

~ Friday 4th November 2016 ~

Perks of being a mum to a young child are having a lot of down time around the house. Even though I am so busy all the time, I have never watched more telly. Especially, since my social life has diminished and my weekend antics now mostly revolve around who cleaned up the biggest poop and “Can you believe the... View Article

My Fit Mummy Journey

~ Sunday 30th October 2016 ~

Because being fit means I can lift Lily in and out the cot without lower back pain and I can throw her in the air over and over without my arms getting tired. I can carry her over long distances without my body complaining about it. Life is so much more fun when I get to create precious memories with my... View Article

Far apart but close to my heart

~ Tuesday 11th October 2016 ~

My family is spread all over the continent, and I have had many places I have called “home” over the past few years. I have written about it here. I have just had a lovely heartfelt chat with one of my best friends M, over whatsapp. (What did people do before messaging apps btw?) We met at university and while... View Article

I Have a Personal Trainer.

~ Sunday 9th October 2016 ~

Let me be real and honest. I have a very unhealthy obsession with caramel lattes. In my last post, I talked about getting fit again to be a better mummy for my baby daughter. I approached a local trainer who comes to my house once a week and has a post natal certificate. That was really important to me. Someone... View Article

You’re OK – Why You Should Silence Your Inner Critic 

~ Tuesday 4th October 2016 ~

You are enough. What is that even? Those 3 words radiate peacefulness and a sense of achievement, and yet when do I time to to think about myself, when does anyone ever have time? I have been racking my brain this week about how to hold onto the proverbial raised glass of water. The question of how heavy is a... View Article

The Baking Soda Hack

~ Sunday 25th September 2016 ~

The Baking Soda hack aka how I fight the grease monkey. So what’s the Baking Soda hack you might ask. My Croatian nana was always full of wisdom, especially when it came to handy little tips and tricks using what she had lying around at home. She could make up a cake out of a handful of flour and oil... View Article

The life of an Essentialist Mum

~ Sunday 18th September 2016 ~

I am back at work. It’s my second week in the office. To say it has been awful would be an understatement. I have caught the infamous mum guilt! I miss my little girl. I’m trying to adjust to life back in the office, but my mind keeps wandering to my little baby daughter. I wonder what she might be doing at this moment in time.... View Article