How I care for my hair on holiday

~ Wednesday 31st May 2017 ~

summer hair

When I’m on holiday, I like to keep my hair routine very simple and just go with my natural waves. Since we spend a lot of time outside, I don’t bother with any heat styling tools anymore. We love making the most of the nice weather and the beach, and I want to spend all my time with my family,... View Article

Exploring Croatia with kids: Plitvicka Jezera (Plitvice Lakes)

~ Saturday 27th May 2017 ~

Plitvice Lakes

  Plitvice Lakes is our first stop this year on our family holiday. Last year, we spent 3 months away while I was on maternity leave and Lila was a 4 month old little cabbage patch. This year, she is a walking talking little toddler and we decided it was time to start walking, exploring and doing the things we... View Article

How to enjoy the sunshine with your little ones – the Croat way

~ Wednesday 24th May 2017 ~

baby on beach

Its no secret, Croats have really nice tans. Having 108 days of sunshine per year certainly helps. Growing up, my nana would run after me with a bottle Olive oil trying to convince me to apply it to my skin, ‘so you can have a nice tan like your cousins, you are so white. Like a cheese”. Good old nana... View Article

Sleep Regression and Why I Feel Guilty

~ Thursday 5th January 2017 ~

Christmas is over and mummy has to go back to work. I have become a professional these days at feeling bad for leaving my baby. She’s recently turned 1, where has the time gone! My little baby is not so little anymore and not a baby. She is a walking, talking little toddler with opinions. I can’t stop but wonder sometimes... View Article

Little Tigger turns 1!

~ Friday 9th December 2016 ~

My little Tigger has turned 1. Where has the time gone? From the little lump that wouldn’t leave my boob alone, fast forward a few months and you have grown into a walking, talking little girl. You can feed yourself, you can open and close doors, you understand the concept of crayons – even though you prefer to take them... View Article

The Real Face of Motherhood

~ Friday 2nd December 2016 ~

As I was getting ready to go to bed, I snuck a glance at my self in the mirror. I couldn’t help but notice all the food stains on my top. Ironically, I was about to press publish on a photo I had just uploaded onto Instagram of the nice day we had today at the Christmas markets. It made me... View Article

The Birth I Wanted And The Birth I Needed

~ Friday 25th November 2016 ~

I remember reading everything I could get my hands on when I was pregnant about growing little humans in your belly. And I also made a conscious effort to block all the “noise” out, peoples’ very well-intended tips and stories that seem to come out of nowhere, so unexpected. Bringing a new little life into the world was by far... View Article

Why I Repacked My Hospital Bag Last Minute

~ Friday 11th November 2016 ~

Last night I was sorting through some baby clothes when I found the packing list I wrote for the hospital bag. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, I had developed an obsession of cleaning and rearranging the house. Nesting, or craziness? Its a fine line. Few days before the big day, I had suddenly felt the urge to empty... View Article

Old Wives’ Tales and Why I Sometimes Feel Like Frank the Pug

~ Friday 4th November 2016 ~

Perks of being a mum to a young child are having a lot of down time around the house. Even though I am so busy all the time, I have never watched more telly. Especially, since my social life has diminished and my weekend antics now mostly revolve around who cleaned up the biggest poop and “Can you believe the... View Article

My Fit Mummy Journey

~ Sunday 30th October 2016 ~

Because being fit means I can lift Lily in and out the cot without lower back pain and I can throw her in the air over and over without my arms getting tired. I can carry her over long distances without my body complaining about it. Life is so much more fun when I get to create precious memories with my... View Article