How my Baby changed my life: Embracing the uncertainty

~ Thursday 9th November 2017 ~

toddler forrest baby changed life uncertainty

I was reading Vicki from Honestmum’s recent post “Pregnant Then Screwed’s March of the Mummies”. And, it really struck a chord with me. I feel so strongly about working and raising my baby. It’s only really since becoming a mum myself that I’ve become aware of the issue of cultural and institutional discrimination against mothers. I want to share my story,... View Article

It’s hard being a working mother

~ Wednesday 4th October 2017 ~

mum and baby

I’m not going to lie. My mum always used to say to me that you can have a career. Or you can have a baby. I really don’t believe that we live in a time where its it’s either or. That doesn’t mean that I never get overwhelmed or anxious. Being a working parent is hard! When I was on... View Article

Should I raise my daughter bilingual?

~ Tuesday 15th August 2017 ~

toddler and mum

I was lucky that my parents exposed me to 2 languages from a very young age: Croatian and German. Having said that, when I was growing up, I didn’t like being different. And I hated having the lunchbox with the cheese and pate sandwiches. Kids can be mean, you know? I loved how my nana handled the whole growth spurt... View Article

Real Talk: What You don’t see behind the scenes

~ Wednesday 7th June 2017 ~

baby feet

You know, all I wanted was to take a cute black and white photo of my baby’s feet. Easy, no? Hell. No. It was only because I noticed how big her tootsies had gotten lately. Just as I got my phone out to take a photo, sweetly reminiscing about the time when her little feet nuzzled perfectly between my thumb... View Article

Old Wives’ Tales and Why I Sometimes Feel Like Frank the Pug

~ Friday 4th November 2016 ~

Perks of being a mum to a young child are having a lot of down time around the house. Even though I am so busy all the time, I have never watched more telly. Especially, since my social life has diminished and my weekend antics now mostly revolve around who cleaned up the biggest poop and “Can you believe the... View Article

I Have a Personal Trainer.

~ Sunday 9th October 2016 ~

Let me be real and honest. I have a very unhealthy obsession with caramel lattes. In my last post, I talked about getting fit again to be a better mummy for my baby daughter. I approached a local trainer who comes to my house once a week and has a post natal certificate. That was really important to me. Someone... View Article

The life of an Essentialist Mum

~ Sunday 18th September 2016 ~

I am back at work. It’s my second week in the office. To say it has been awful would be an understatement. I have caught the infamous mum guilt! I miss my little girl. I’m trying to adjust to life back in the office, but my mind keeps wandering to my little baby daughter. I wonder what she might be doing at this moment in time.... View Article

Burn Baby Burn

~ Sunday 11th September 2016 ~

Since I’ve become a mum and gone on maternity leave, my days have become so much more unpredictable. Unmanageable at times it seems. The girl that was once ticking deadlines and appointments off her diary, is no more. Farewell, old organised, shiny haired Vicky! Taking care of yourself I was somewhere between a nappy change and a feed, lusting for a... View Article

So, Where Are You From?

~ Sunday 4th September 2016 ~

I was standing in the middle of a shoe shop with a snapped flip flop in my hand. “Oh, so where are you guys from?” If only I had a penny. I looked at the sales assistant and tried to get a clue as to what answer to give her. The answer always depended on who I spoke to. Actually, I have... View Article