Me Time

Gluten – Free Eating in Croatia

~ Monday 19th June 2017 ~

stuffed calamari

Due to having an underactive thyroid and irregular IBS flare ups, my eating habits are swinging more to a gluten free ( sometimes dairy free)  way of eating. It makes me feel better and my skin looks miles better. Traditionally, Croatia hasn’t had much love for people who eat differently. I can see though that this is slowly changing and... View Article

My Fit Mummy Journey

~ Sunday 30th October 2016 ~

Because being fit means I can lift Lily in and out the cot without lower back pain and I can throw her in the air over and over without my arms getting tired. I can carry her over long distances without my body complaining about it. Life is so much more fun when I get to create precious memories with my... View Article

I Have a Personal Trainer.

~ Sunday 9th October 2016 ~

Let me be real and honest. I have a very unhealthy obsession with caramel lattes. In my last post, I talked about getting fit again to be a better mummy for my baby daughter. I approached a local trainer who comes to my house once a week and has a post natal certificate. That was really important to me. Someone... View Article

You’re OK – Why You Should Silence Your Inner Critic 

~ Tuesday 4th October 2016 ~

You are enough. What is that even? Those 3 words radiate peacefulness and a sense of achievement, and yet when do I time to to think about myself, when does anyone ever have time? I have been racking my brain this week about how to hold onto the proverbial raised glass of water. The question of how heavy is a... View Article

The life of an Essentialist Mum

~ Sunday 18th September 2016 ~

I am back at work. It’s my second week in the office. To say it has been awful would be an understatement. I have caught the infamous mum guilt! I miss my little girl. I’m trying to adjust to life back in the office, but my mind keeps wandering to my little baby daughter. I wonder what she might be doing at this moment in time.... View Article

So, Where Are You From?

~ Sunday 4th September 2016 ~

I was standing in the middle of a shoe shop with a snapped flip flop in my hand. “Oh, so where are you guys from?” If only I had a penny. I looked at the sales assistant and tried to get a clue as to what answer to give her. The answer always depended on who I spoke to. Actually, I have... View Article

Writing Your Story

~ Sunday 28th August 2016 ~

I have always had a dream of becoming a writer. I love stories. I can listen to them for hours. Diving into fantastic worlds of fictional or non fictional characters and let them come alive in front of my eyes. I also love sharing stories, the best stories I know are the ones that happen to you and me day... View Article