How I care for my hair on holiday

~ Wednesday 31st May 2017 ~

summer hair

When I’m on holiday, I like to keep my hair routine very simple and just go with my natural waves. Since we spend a lot of time outside, I don’t bother with any heat styling tools anymore. We love making the most of the nice weather and the beach, and I want to spend all my time with my family,... View Article

How to enjoy the sunshine with your little ones – the Croat way

~ Wednesday 24th May 2017 ~

baby on beach

Its no secret, Croats have really nice tans. Having 108 days of sunshine per year certainly helps. Growing up, my nana would run after me with a bottle Olive oil trying to convince me to apply it to my skin, ‘so you can have a nice tan like your cousins, you are so white. Like a cheese”. Good old nana... View Article

Little Tigger turns 1!

~ Friday 9th December 2016 ~

My little Tigger has turned 1. Where has the time gone? From the little lump that wouldn’t leave my boob alone, fast forward a few months and you have grown into a walking, talking little girl. You can feed yourself, you can open and close doors, you understand the concept of crayons – even though you prefer to take them... View Article

Far apart but close to my heart

~ Tuesday 11th October 2016 ~

My family is spread all over the continent, and I have had many places I have called “home” over the past few years. I have written about it here. I have just had a lovely heartfelt chat with one of my best friends M, over whatsapp. (What did people do before messaging apps btw?) We met at university and while... View Article

The Baking Soda Hack

~ Sunday 25th September 2016 ~

The Baking Soda hack aka how I fight the grease monkey. So what’s the Baking Soda hack you might ask. My Croatian nana was always full of wisdom, especially when it came to handy little tips and tricks using what she had lying around at home. She could make up a cake out of a handful of flour and oil... View Article