Toddler Day out: Sunshine’s craft cafe in Warrington

~ Tuesday 24th October 2017 ~

sunshine's craft cafe latchford mum and toddler

Today, I met up with my lovely friend E. who adores crafts and her little girl for a little playdate and coffee. I’ve heard through the grapevine that there was a new craft cafe in Latchford, Warrington so we went to check it out.

We went for a walk with the little ones in a nearby park and afterwards, popped into Sunshine’s craft cafe for a hot drink. It’s always a delight discovering new places that are kid friendly and can accommodate your pram.

sunshine's craft cafe latchford

sunshine's craft cafe latchford

sunshine's craft cafe latchford

sunshine's craft cafe latchford toddler

Sunshine’s craft cafe is very spacious, and we had lots of room for the prams. You can choose to sit in the comfy seats and read some of the magazines on the coffee table or pick a table and chairs. We ordered some hot drinks, tea cake and toast and some steamed milk for the children.

sunshine's craft cafe latchford

Both little girls loved running around and playing with the building blocks from the little play area. They were delighted to find some balloons to play with, too.

sunshine's craft cafe latchford toddler playing

The cafe offers a variety of crafts including pottery and painting and we picked up some flyers for upcoming workshops.

sunshine's craft cafe latchford mum and toddler


sunshine's craft cafe latchford

And, I loved seeing E. and having a good chinwag with her. Places like Sunshine’s offer us a little escape from being “mummy, mummy mummy, muummm!” for an hour or so. When you become a parent, you really get to appreciate a hot cuppa. Especially, since most of the time, you only get to your cuppa after it’s gone cold.

We loved the uplifting, friendly atmosphere. The simple joys of having your coffee while it’s still hot; watching the children play filled my heart. I can’t wait to go back.

Do you have a craft cafe in your area? What’s your favourite place to take your kids for a coffee and a babycchino? Comment below or tweet me @fabulousmummy1 xx

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