Weekend away in the Lake District: Fell Foot National Trust Park

little girl in fell foot park national park lake windemere

Sometimes, I just want to take a day off being a mum. I don’t know if anyone can relate. We had been planning our little weekend away for months, with my besties, men and children.

I think as mums we do like to feel guilty for wanting some me time or for wanting to indulge in an adult conversation. It’s nice to talk about something other than poos, wees and naps. I dote on our little girl. But, this weekend away made me realise how much I have missed my university friends.

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paper windmills back garden

While these days, my alcohol threshold is much lower, then it used to be, it was nice just to enjoy a little joie de vivre. We spent 2 days enjoying the gorgeous scenery, bbq-ing and even rented a hot tub.

My friend has a little boy close to Lila’s age. And, she was ecstatic to run around and play with him. Well, that is before she started stealing his ball and shouting “Mine!”. She had a perfectly fine red ball that was all hers. But other kids’ toys are always nicer, right?

The change of scenery also meant that the sprog wasn’t too keen on going to sleep. We did everything we could to make it more comfortable for her. Nana and grandad gave us one of those musical mobiles when Lila was born. Now, that she’s a toddler we’ve taken the mobile off the cot (mainly because she tries pulling it down) and use the star projector for bed time.

We took the little musical star projector with us, as well as her favourite teddies, books, bedding and drink. When we travel, we always try and stick to the bed time routine as best as we can. Bath, PJs, Books, and Bed.

A while ago, I had purchased a baby monitor, which came in handy. It allowed us to relax downstairs while keeping a close ear on the baby.

sun set Lake district

Fell Foot National Trust Park

little girl lake district On the second day, we drove up to Fell Foot National Park – beautiful park with stunning mountain views at the southern tip of lake Windermere. You can read more about the park here.

We stopped at the gorgeous Boat House Cafe for hot drinks. These guys seriously know how to make a good latte AND they had a selection of gluten free baked goods. Win. Lila had a little babycchino.little girl and daddy in fell foot park lake district

little girl hot milk boat house cafe lake fell foot park

toddler and mummy Fell Foot National Trust Park

toddler in fell foot national trust park lake district

After that, we rented rowing boats. Us and our friends with the little boy had a boat each, as the kids counted as 1 person. The guys at the boat rental place helped us and the little ones into our life jackets and onto the boats. Given Lila’s track record at the duck pond, where she really wanted to follow the duckies into the water, I was put in charge of the offspring.

toddler in fell foot national trust park lake district

Several times during our half hour boat journey I had to restrain the sprog from jumping into the lake. “Look mummy! Whats that?” “It’s a lake” “Oooh. What’s that there?” “Thats a seagull” “That!” “We’re on the lake. Daddy is rowing” “Oooh.” and so on.

mummy and toddler in fell foot national trust park lake district

Fell foot national trust park lake district lake windermere

In the evening we had another lovely BBQ and more grown up time. I didn’t realise how much both of us have needed this time off. Catching up with the girls nourished my soul. As cliche as that sounds.

Now that I’m a parent, I find that I’m very time-poor. There’s always something to do, someone to reply to. I might not see the girls as often as I would like. But, I find that when I do, we just pick up form where we left. That’s a really special thing to have. I definitely look forward to seeing them next time!

When was the last time you enjoyed a good weekend away? Comment below, or tell me on Twitter @fabulousmummy1 xx

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