Should I raise my daughter bilingual?


I was lucky that my parents exposed me to 2 languages from a very young age: Croatian and German.

Having said that, when I was growing up, I didn’t like being different. And I hated having the lunchbox with the cheese and pate sandwiches. Kids can be mean, you know?

I loved how my nana handled the whole growth spurt thing as well. She just ripped the bottom of my socks off, knitted half a sock (the bottom part) and married the two up. So, I had this pink pair of socks with a knitted toe cap. Like a sock extension. Completely ignoring the socks now had 2 colours and 2 different materials.

I do love my big fat Croatian family to bits. And while Lila is British, I want to pass some of that heritage on to her.

Though, I get a lot of anxiety of speaking a foreign language to my baby. Because, what are the rules? Is there a different etiquette on the playground than at home?

I read her books in my language and play with her toys and dollies when we are alone.

But, when we go to a playgroup, or we are out with friends, all the rules are off.

It’s hard sometimes not to worry what other people think when they can’t understand you.

Raising a bilingual baby has been a very humbling experience. You have this whole other little human that depends on you to teach them and to nurture them.

Are you bilingual or have you thought about teaching your baby another language? Comment below or tweet me, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Vicky x

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  1. October 18, 2017 / 11:53 am

    Such an interesting post which struck a chord with me. I’m billingual and wish I spoke to my kids in Greek more but because my husband’s English, it’s hard (although he keeps telling me to). I spoke both languages from being a baby and also attended Greek School on a Saturday and the more languages, the better in my opinion. Languages are a gift, speaking Greek connected me to elderly relatives and helped me with other languages and English Literature too. Google resources and ask your friends too but I’m now seeking a Greek language tutor to help my kids here.

    • October 19, 2017 / 9:13 am

      I can completely relate! My other half is English, too and often when I speak to her in front of people, I don’t want to exclude anybody from our conversation. I too, went to Croat school and Sunday school – Sadly there isn’t any up North where we are. I recently took a tutor who helps me keep on top of my own language skills – I’ve looked into Skype lessons for the little one, maybe if she’s a bit bigger we will revisit the topic. Thank you o much for taking the time to comment x

  2. October 19, 2017 / 10:12 pm

    Very interesting. Had we stayed living in France Jamie would now be bilingual. We do now teach him lots of French words and he says Bonjour in the morning at his school. I think it’s a great thing for kids to be fluent in more than one language. It builds them as people. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it. Great post.

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