Toddler’s tea: Shepherd’s pie with cheese crust and sweet potato

Shepherds Pie Recipe

This is a lovely variation of the traditional shepherds pie receipe. I love experimenting with different ingredients – in a ( seemingly never-ending) attempt to get the toddler to eat more veggies and making up tasty easy recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients.

The easiest way to cook up toddler meals, for us, is to divvy up little portions when we cook our teas. For example, I made a big shepherds pie for mine and Mark’s tea using 500gr mince and I divided roughly 100gr of the mince mixture into little tins for Lila. For the potatoes, I used around 800gr of white potato and 20 gr (1 big) sweet potato. I peeled, cooked and mashed them and put some aside to add to the toddler pies.

Shepherds Pie Receipe

The below recipe accounts for 2 little toddler sized portions. I have added some sweet potato and cheese to jazz it up a little. Happy cooking!



100gr lamb mince

1/4 onion

1 carrot

1tsp tomato purée

sprinkle of Worcestershire sauce

1/4 beef stock cube

1 large white potato

1/2 – 1 smallish sweet potato

sprinkle of salt

handful of grated cheese


Cooking Utensils:

2 small enamel dishes

1 pan for cooking the mince

1 pant to cook the spuds

wooden spoon

food processor (if you have one)

Chopping Knife

Shepherds Pie


For the mince:

Brown the mince in a pan on medium heat. Use wooden spoon to break big  clumps of meat into smaller mince pieces.

Pulse onion in food processor OR chop it into fine pieces

Chop carrot into rough pieces and pulse in food processor OR chop finely by hand

Add carrot and onion to the browned mince and cook everything for 5ish minutes until softened.

Crumble beef stock cube over the mixture and add a splash of Worcestershire sauce. Put lid on pan and cook until soft.

For the mash:

Peel white and sweet potato and chop into rough chunks.

Place in pan with water and cook until soft.

Drain the water and mash the potatoes until smooth. Add a sprinkle of salt

Shepherds Pie

Assembling the pie:

Place the 2 enamel dishes in front of you and spoon the mince mixture into both.

Add mashed potato on top and push down with a fork to smooth the mash over the mince.

Run the fork over the finished pie to create a criss cross pattern.

*The pie can be frozen at this stage. Or you can cook 1 and freeze the other one. *

Bake for 15 mins on 200 degrees Celsius, then take out carefully and sprinkle cheese over the pie. Then bake for another 5-10 mins depending on the strength of your oven until cheese has melted and the pie is golden and crispy around the edges.

Bon Apetit!

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