3 Easy and Nutritious Toddler Snacks

Fabulousmummy featured post logotoddler face eating snackI was very excited at the opportunity to team up with the guys at Indigo Herbs try out some of their yummy organic ingredients.

Lila is 19 months now and has been eating big people foods from day 1 of our weaning journey. We did a combo of baby led weaning and soft foods like yoghurt or porridge. Even though it scared the crap out of me to give her actual chunks of food at such a young age, and we had some funny looks every time I would whip out our little lunch boxes, it was totally worth it.

She eats a variety of different foods and isn’t afraid to try new things. I really wanted to make sure I give my little daughter the best start in life that I can.

It’s important to us that her meals are quick and easy to make. And that she eats whole nutritious foods. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t get treats from time to time. Everything in moderation.

I have cooked up 3 nutritious snacks using some ingredients that Indigo Herbs were kind enough to send over:

Chia Seed Maple Pudding 

Toddler snack chia see maple pudding Ingredients:

30g chia seedsMy Tip: Depending on the size of your glass jar, I’ll usually fill about 1/4 of the jar with chia seeds. Then, I  add liquid to fill up the remaining 3/4. The longer the seeds soak, the more they expand. So, you really don’t want to overload your jar.

1 tsp dark maple syrup

100 ml full fat milk ( or more as required)

a milk frother, a whisk, a fork (or a kebab stick actually works very well, too.)


Add the Chia seeds to your jar or bowl. Pour milk in and stir.

Make sure that none of the seeds are stuck to the bottom or the corners of your jar.

Then, add the maple syrup. The darker the syrup, the richer the flavour of your chia seed pudding. Stir again.

If you are using a kilner jar, like in the above photo, close the lid and shake it until all the ingredients are combined.

Rinse your stirring utensil straight away, as chia seeds stick when they are dry.

After about 10 mins, stir the pudding again and make sure nothing is glued together in the corners or at the bottom.

Leave overnight or make first thing in the morning and the pudding will be ready for toddler’s first snack of the day.

Toddler eats snack chia see maple pudding

Apple and Almond Butter Slices:

Apple slices and almond butter snackIngredients:

1 apple

1 tbsp almond butter


Slice the apple.

apple slicer

My tip: Get yourself an apple slicer. It’s a serious game changer. You can get them fairly inexpensive from eBay, Amazon, or your local pound shop. Saves you messing around and de-cores the apple in one go.

Apple slices and Indigo Herb almond butterPlace apple slices on a plate and add almond butter.

You can dip one end of the apples in the almond butter so your little one can just pick up the clean end with their little hands.

toddler eats apple and almond butter snack

Skyr with Berry Compote

Skyr with Berry CompoteIngredients:

100g Skyr

a handful of frozen berries

2 tsp dark maple syrup


for the compote:

Place the frozen berries in a pan on medium heat until defrosted. Once they are soft, add maple syrup to the mixture and stir in.

You can add the warm berries to the yoghurt straight away. Be careful they are not too hot for little mouths and fingers.

Alternatively, transfer the berry mixture from the pan to a little bowl and cool down.

for the yoghurt:

Spoon the Skyr into a bowl or a jar. I like using small kilner or glass jars, as you can just pop the lid on them and put them in your changing bag. And, the toddler can see different colours and textures of the foods.

Because they’re so diddy, they’re not super heavy to carry around. If you are worried about leakages, you can always put them into a plastic bag before you take them out.

Skyr with Berry CompotePour berry compote over the yoghurt and enjoy!

Toddler eats Skyr with Berry Compote

mum and toddler snack


mum and toddler snack

I’m always on the lookout for new snack recipes for Lila. We love foods and snacks that have only a few ingredients, because you know exactly what goes into them.

While we may not buy everything organic for the toddler, I don’t mind spending a little extra on things like maple syrup or almond butter. It’s important for us to get lots of goodness and nutritious foods into the sprog ( heck, she eats better than I did growing up!) and because you use some of the ingredients by the spoonful, a jar goes a long way.

What are some of your favourite go to toddler snacks? Comment below, or take it to Twitter !

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