Transition from cot to bed – my lil girl is not a baby anymore

cot to bed transition Last night, we reached another milestone. Lily slept in her big girl bed for the first time. I cried a little bit, because my baby is not a baby anymore.

After returning from our holiday, we are back to our usual bed time routine. I noticed the toddler has been foregoing bedtime story time and started climbing into her cot.

Now, thats a first! I’ve heard of toddler climbing out, never of one climbing in. We have ditched the babygro as soon as she started walking around her cot in the morning, so she doesn’t trip over herself.

And, Miss Breezy Toes loves toddling around in her favourite Peppa Pig pyjamas. Totes winning at parenting (especially if it involves Peppa Pig!)

toddler transition form cot to bed

toddler transition cot to bed

I suppose there isn’t a right or a wrong time when to transition your baby from the cot to the bed.

For us, signs that the toddler was ready to go into the bed were:

  • She communicates with us when she wants to go into the cot, i.e. she stretches her arms out or walks to the cot and tries to climb in
  • Lily lets us know when she has filled her nappy
  • She recently started using more baby signs ( food, all gone, more, drink, hi, bye, poo)
  • Lily plays sleepy time with her dollies and teddies and pretend snores to tell us her dollies are sleeping now
  • The sprog says “Niiigh Daddy, Niiighhh Mummy” and understands its time for bed.
  • She makes an effort to speak and gesture in every day situations telling us what she likes or needs.
  • As soon as we put her into the cot, she curls up in a ball and signals us she is ready to go to sleep

toddler transition form cot to bed

How we made the transition from the cot into the bed:

  • After observing signs that she was ready (see above) for a couple of weeks, we told her that she was a big girl now and mummy and daddy would be taking one side of the cot down. Not sure how much of that she understood, but she certainly enjoyed putting all her teddies into the bed and playing sleepy time with them.
  • We took the side of the cot down in the day, so the sprog could share this experience with us and feel included.
  • When it was time to go to bed, we reiterated again that she would be sleeping in a big girl bed tonight. Then, we did our usual night routine.
  • Lily picked a couple of books out that she wanted us to read to her. We said night to the dolly, put dolly in bed and pulled the covers over here. After that, we said Night to our little sprog and put the covers over her.

Baby’s first night in the cotbed:

Surviving the the first night without physical boundaries was hard for her and for us. I was very anxious whether she would be able to settle. Would she just get up and roam around her room? Would she walk into our bedroom in the middle of the night?

It took a whole hour and a bit to get her to go to sleep. She kept getting out of bed, asking for water, telling us her nappy was full, throwing her sip cup on the floor in protest and chucking her covers. Poor little bugger.

I felt that this moment was either going to make us or break us. Luckily, we had each other for support. I did have my doubts if this was the right thing to do. We continued to calmly tell her “It’s sleepy time now. Night, love you” and walk her back to her bed.

When we checked back in on her later in the evening, her little legs were hanging half way down the bed! I used my mummy ninja moves to gently move her back in position. Lily looked like a proper little girl in her diddy bed, so adorable!

Our Conclusion:

We have had a few nights and couple of naps in the big girl bed now. Every day she goes to sleep a little quicker than the night before. Our night routine has stayed the same pretty much. I’m glad we followed our instincts and transitioned our little baby girl to the bed. She is so much more confident in herself and she has slept through the last few nights, too. At what age did you start transitioning your baby from cot to bed?

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