What’s changed this year – Holidays with an ex-cosleeping, ex-breastfed toddler

toddler girl in restaurant on holiday with no shoes on

What is it like to travel with a baby that used to be breastfed and cosleeping?

Last year, we spent 3 months abroad with our co-sleeping, breastfed little baba. Admittedly, I found it pretty hard.

The downside of breastfeeding is, the baby rarely leaves your side.

cosleeping baby napping on mummy

Lila wouldn’t nap without me, and she wouldn’t sleep without me by her side. In the above photo she just started taking 2 x 30mins naps per day. In the beginning, she would not be put down for a nap. But, as long as she got some kip in, that was all that mattered to me at that point.

Our little girl was born tongue tied

The first week of her existence were pretty traumatic for the little one. She was hungry but unable to hold the latch for long enough to get fed. Which, as a result meant she would feed and feed and feed. Sometimes, she was so exhausted, she would fall asleep before her little tummy was filled.

After much arguing and persisting that there was something wrong with my baby, we had the tongue tie snipped. Lila was a changed baby. Looking back now, I do wonder if she has suffered some kind of PTSD – because after those first 6 weeks, she was still feeding like a demon.

Though the problem had been resolved medically, she could not, would not be left without boob or without mummy. In those moments you realise how truly primal we are as humans.

Going on holiday with a breastfed co-sleeping baby

Baby on mat with toy

We took our little co-sleeping breastfed tinker on holiday at 4.5 months. It was very challenging for me, as she she was literally attached to me 247. There were days where I had to crap with a baby in my lap. Or make myself something to eat with one free arm, as the other was being held hostage by the baby feeding on me.

What possessed us to go on holidays with a little boob sucking blob? You can’t put life on hold. While I really struggled with the idea of being in charge of a little one who completely depended on me for everything, we both agreed that we cancouldn’t just check out of life.

Quickly, I began to realise that our bodies were made for this. Even in a hot climate, my boobs produced enough for my little baby to fill her little tummy up with milk. Even though we kept offering her water, Lila didn’t ask for any extra fluids. Super freaky and amazing at the same time!

Below, hungover from milk debauchery. What is this thing you are dangling in front of me, mother?

breastfed baby and mummy

So, 1 year on, what has changed?

It’s remarkable how much the sprog has changed from last year:

  • First off, no more boob stops or endless expressing during car rides.
  • Even less nappy stops ( if any!) and the ever lingering question “Excuse me please, where can I change my baby?”
  • Less rigid meal plan – I trust my intuition not to starve my baby and wait for her signals when she is hungry
  • She asks for food and drink now
  • Unfortunately, Lila is much less patient in restaurants and much less excited to stare at pram toys.
  • Restaurant time involves one of us chasing her around the restaurant and stop her from running out on the road
  • Speaking of eating out time, the cheeky toddler, loves to steal food off our plates and refuses to eat what we have ordered her.
  • She also hates high chairs now. Because big girls don’t need high chairs.
  • Peppa Pig ( or which ever Kiddy show works for your kid) is our new best friend when out and about
  • She has some serious FOMO and refuses to sleep in the buggy
  • Oooh, what are those stairs? Where do they lead?
  • Still take the same amount of clothes and clothes changes with us
  • She really likes a routine, especially in the morning and at bed time
  • If you break said routine, say you want to go for a nice evening walk along the beach, the toddler refuses to sleep in the buggy (see point above)
  • She communicates now and signs – hungry, drink, more, all gone, hi, bye, nappy, etc
  • The sprog wears shoes now
  • She likes to take her shoes off and daddy has to trace back our steps back to find where she’s dropped them
  • Loved swimming last year, really hates being in the sea, then discovered all the fun things you can do with sand
  • Stopped putting pebbles and sand in her mouth
  • Very aware the toddler loves to run around and bolt

toddler drinks babychino

toddler plays with duplo bricks on holiday

toddler on holiday in restaurant

I think the biggest difference we noticed in taking our little girl on holidays was that she is in fact a walking talking little girl. I feel much more relaxed in some aspects, for example that she is more independent and goes to bed without me by her side.

On the other hand, the girl has some serious FOMO and LOVES her routines. It’s important to us that Lila learns hat life happens, people go on holiday and routines get disrupted. We talk to her and reassure her as best as we can, everything else is a learning curve for all of us.

Have you taken your baby on holiday and what experiences did you have? Leave a comment below or take it to Twitter @fabulousmummy1 !

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