What’s in my Baby Beach Bag?

Beach bag essentials

I used to worry a whole lot about what to take to the beach with baby: How many nappies, what is an UV tent and can you breastfeed a baby on the beach?!

A year on, and the toddler is toddling a whole lot more, while the content of said baby beach bag haven’t changed much at all.

Family Beach Vacay was stressful last year. Or was it stressful because I worried myself sick. Who doesn’t, let’s be honest.

Our little sunshine was a breastfed, co-sleeping little Baba – we took this route unplanned. It came naturally as a result of Lila’s posterior tongue tie which took 6 weeks to be diagnosed and snipped.

As it turns out, yes you can breastfeed on the beach, and in cafes, restaurants, on a park bench and any place of your choosing. I armed myself with some linen type summer scarves (hello Primark!) and the scarf would go everywhere I went. Paired with some strappy vest tops, and sometimes a nice floaty top over that when I got sick of wearing the same 4 breastfeeding tops and that was that.

This beach vaycay, I have left the scarves at home, as we no longer breastfeed.

Packing our family beach bag, we included:

  • Wet bag (so useful to store dry or wet clothes before / after swimming)
  • Couple of baby swim suits
  • Training pull up pants: between swims
  • T-shirt: for playing in the sun between swims
  • Factor 50 Creme: we like the kind that you can spray on
  • Some toys, buckets and spade. Lego keeps The sprog entertained for ages 🙂
  • Some snacks, water, some plastic spoons and forks and nooby cups
  • Cheap beach / Yoga mat and towels – Croatian beaches are super rocky generally speaking. Soft mats. Or soft puzzle mat
  • Snoozeshade for pram: After swimming, the toddler was knackered and We would change her & put her in the pram and
  • Jelly shoes: we bought some although we had a glove of beaches (rocky and sandy) and we picked the kid friendly one that didn’t require jellies. Jellies came in handy on pebbly stones beaches – as little feet don’t like walking on hot stones
  • Fred’s swim trainer: ( we have also tried Noodles, and title floats )
  • Umbrella fold pram – works for shade and great to save space.

Things that weren’t useful to us:

  • UV tent: The tent gets hot very quickly in spite of the air flap.  We prefer laying out towels under a big tree and going morning / evening when the sun isn’t strong
  • Hat: My toddler hates hats, she takes them off straight away. Rather frustrating. Next summer, I will be looking into hats with a string that you can tie under her chin. Read here how we stay sun savvy.

We like keeping an organic moisturiser in the fridge with our aftersun to moisturise little ones skin in the evening.

Growing up, nana M would take an empty water bottle to the beach when she took me. Croatian beaches  have public showers and drinking taps. Then, when it was time to go home, the water had warmed up in the sun and she would use it to rinse the saltwater out of my hair.

Seems like 30 years later grandparents still take empty bottles to the beach and fill them up with tap water. Then when it’s time to go home, they rinse their grand babies off with that nice warm water.

What’s your favourite holiday memory and what do you take with  you to the beach? Comment below, or take it to Twitter@fabulousmummy1!



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