Instapot Cherry Glazed Pulled Pork

fabulous pulled pork

On our family holiday to Croatia, my auntie gave us a bottle of Višnjevača, Traditionally, Croats make all sorts of home brews, with fresh herbs, honey, plums, pears or sour cherries. So, I put together an easy pulled pork recipe, which you can use in burgers, fajitas, or on its own with a side of sweet potato fries. I love using our instapot pressure cooker. It’s easily my favourite kitchen gadget and great for cooking quick easy family meals.


Here’s what you need to make this delicious pulled pork: 

An Instapot pressure cooker

1-2lbs pork shoulder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp pink Himalayan salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

3 tbsp Olive oil



For the glaze:

1 tbsp black strap molasses

2 tbsp Višnjevača ( cherry liqueur)

1 onion, minced

3 cloves of garlic, peeled

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp mustard

2 tbsp maple syrup



Rub the salt, garlic, and cinnamon into the pork shoulder. Cut the pork shoulder into manageable chunks, if necessary. Then place the meat into pressure cooker along with 3 tbsp of Olive oil on the Sauté setting and brown for a few mins.

Combine all ingredients apart from Black strap molasses and whizz them in a blender. I found the molasses sticks to the walls of my blender, which is why I add it separately.

Press Keep warm/ Cancel on the Instapot and add the glaze to the meat all over with a big spoon or spatula.

Then, add the molasses.

Select the Manual setting and adjust to 55 mins. Carefully Place the lid and set the steam valve handle to Sealing.

When the time is up, release the valve and carefully take your pork shoulder out. Place into a dish and use to forks to pull the pork apart. It should be nice and soft now.

Try it on burgers, fajitas, nachos, sandwiches, pittas or on its own.

Bon Appetit! / Dobar Tek!

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