Exploring Croatia with kids: Plitvicka Jezera (Plitvice Lakes)


Plitvice Lakes is our first stop this year on our family holiday. Last year, we spent 3 months away while I was on maternity leave and Lila was a 4 month old little cabbage patch. This year, she is a walking talking little toddler and we decided it was time to start walking, exploring and doing the things we love doing on holiday, again.

We have visited the beautiful Croatian lake district before and did the grand tour of the whole national park. I was very eager to see how we would cope with the toddler this holiday. Would she enjoy being carried around while we explore the park?

Plitvice Lakes

Waterfall Plitvice Lakes

Waterfall Plitvice Lakes

Fabulousmummy and family

The Gear:

We have invested in a baby backpack carrier, as we both love the outdoors and we wanted to share our passion for treading through mud, forests and climbing up steep hills with our baby. When she was freshly baked, I had slung her in a baby wrap so she was used to being carried around. We got to try the back pack out a couple of times before we embarked on our great adventure and the sprog seemed to enjoy riding on our backs. She was all smiles and kept playing giddy up and patting us on the head to encourage us to go faster. Little bugger.

The Lakes:

The Plitvice Lakes National park is a forest nature reserve in central Croatia, half way between Zagreb and Zadar. It consists of 16 terraced lakes and has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979. You can read up on the Plitvice Lakes national park website about the park, how to get there etc

We chose to come back here as the park is extremely adapted to its many visitors. Broad boardwalks, boat rides and did I mention the gorgeous scenery?

They are extremely family friendly and offer different walking paths for all abilities. We saw many young families embarking the national park with prams – personally, we preferred the back pack as it’s less hassle to manoeuvre around the people and the boardwalks.

Boardwalk Plitvice lakes

Fabulousmummy Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls

Plitvice Lakes Fish

There are hundreds and hundreds of fish in the lakes.

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls

This time round, we picked an easier walk which included a boat and bus ride through the woodland. The lakes are all interconnected by lots of little waterfalls. As you walk along the park you can eve, see the current by your feet. We set off early and had most of the lakes to ourselves. It does get busy as the day goes on and depending on what time of year you visit, the sun can get pretty hot.

Keeping cool in the sun:

Before our family holiday, we also invested in a sun shade and rain cover for the backpack. After a few walks around our local nature reserves we noticed that the baby was quite exposed to the elements in the back pack carrier and this seemed a worthwhile purchase. Before we started our walk in Plitvice lakes, we applied sun creme all over Lily and topped her up throughout the day. We were able to fit a Camelbak into the backpack and she loved just chewing on it and keeping herself hydrated.

Eventually she dropped off, her little head supported. She looks so peaceful. What a great walk to kick our family vacay off with. I would love to hear if you take your kids walking and what your tips are?

Plitvice Lakes sun shade





Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls

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  1. November 3, 2017 / 12:21 am

    What a precious little girl!
    The Plitvice park is gorgeous, isn’t it? Your beautiful photos are making me homesick 🙂

    • Victoria November 10, 2017 / 11:50 am

      Thank you Jas. It getting colder here, and Im missing the nice weather.

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