Sleep Regression and Why I Feel Guilty

Christmas is over and mummy has to go back to work. I have become a professional these days at feeling bad for leaving my baby. She’s recently turned 1, where has the time gone! My little baby is not so little anymore and not a baby. She is a walking, talking little toddler with opinions.

I can’t stop but wonder sometimes whether I have made the right choice for us. I wake up early in the morning, sneak out of the house before the little one wakes up. Daddy gets her ready for nursery in the morning. When I come home from work 12 hours later, I have half an hour with her before she needs to go to sleep.

And speaking of sleep, we seem to have hit another wave of sleep regression. I don’t know if she is going through another growth spurt ( aren’t they always? ) but she is certainly keeping us on our toes.

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