Little Tigger turns 1!




My little Tigger has turned 1. Where has the time gone?

From the little lump that wouldn’t leave my boob alone, fast forward a few months and you have grown into a walking, talking little girl. You can feed yourself, you can open and close doors, you understand the concept of crayons – even though you prefer to take them out of the cup and put them back in, rather than use them on a piece of paper.

This morning you looked at your gifts with curiosity, but soon after you decided that you prefer trying to walk up the stairs. We love dressing you up in silly little Christmas outfits ( sorry about that) I’m sure, daddy will dig the pictures up and embarrass you in front of your friends on your 18th birthday.

You have 2 peggies at the bottom and you love balloons, especially red ones. You love when we do silly voices, especially daddy. Daddy makes you smile the most. You love remote controls and mobile phones and you really don’t like it when we take them away from you. Naughty mummy and daddy.

We have bought you your first pair of shoes – very fierce red leather ones with gold trimming. You love toddling around in them and sticking your tongue out. Grandad thinks that’s funny because your daddy used to do the same thing. You have recently discovered dollies and prams, and you love to lift the dolly out and put it back into the pram. Over and over. Sometimes, you even like to try and put your foot into the dolly pram. A pram is a pram, right?

You started calling us by name – doodah for mummy and datah for daddy and you can fully sign food, more and all gone.

Happy Birthday Little one, we are so happy to share this special day with you from Mummy and Daddy x

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