The Real Face of Motherhood


As I was getting ready to go to bed, I snuck a glance at my self in the mirror. I couldn’t help but notice all the food stains on my top. Ironically, I was about to press publish on a photo I had just uploaded onto Instagram of the nice day we had today at the Christmas markets.

It made me think that you really do get carried away sometimes looking at other people’s feed on social media: Their holidays, outfits or their perfectly put together kids.

Truth of the matter is how do we really know what goes on behind the scenes. Someone’s Instagram photo might be the highlight of their day, but no one knows how many shots they had to take to get that one perfect picture or what else happened to them that day.

I looked at myself and for a second I thought ‘Gosh, you look scruffy!’ and ‘Where did all these food stains come from?’ The reality is that as a mum, yes, most of my clothes are covered in something and most of the time I wear something comfortable and it has been so long that I don’t remember last time I did a full face of makeup. What I then also remember is that while I might be covered in crap, I had a wonderful day out with my little one, watching her crab walking towards me and embracing her in a big hug ( where she quite conveniently wiped her mouth on my top!)

Let’s be honest, since popping my favourite little human out, most days consist of quick dressing and makeup routines, nothing fancy. I always carry a toiletry bag with a hair brush and some little bits and pieces with me, so I can quickly put myself together when I have to.



I thought I would share my real face of motherhood with you. What’s yours? Comment below, or take it to Twitter@fabulousmummy1!

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