Far apart but close to my heart

fullsizerenderMy family is spread all over the continent, and I have had many places I have called “home” over the past few years. I have written about it here.

I have just had a lovely heartfelt chat with one of my best friends M, over whatsapp. (What did people do before messaging apps btw?) We met at university and while she has returned home and I have stayed here, the miles between us have done nothing if not bring us closer together.

Now, we are both mummies to our beautiful daughters, which doesn’t stop us from reminiscing about our youthful years at uni, the laughter, the tears and the fancy dress parties (*wink wink!)

Motherhood is a strange thing, it brings you closer to the people that  really matter. Probably because your time becomes too precious to waste it on things that don’t make you happy.

I love surrounding myself with positive, strong people who have overcome problems and come out at the other end. And M is just that, strong woman who isn’t afraid to pick up the phone at 5 am in the morning, and tell me to chill. When the baby was born, it was M who was there for me listening and allowing me to pour my heart out without judging.

We have had a really difficult breastfeeding journey as Lily was tongue tied and it was friends like M who kept us going and gave me the strength to persevere.

It takes a village, they tell you and I can wholeheartedly say that when you find yours, you hold onto it tight.

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