An Ode to the Girls: 2 Marriages, 2 Children and 10 Years Later, Still Fabulous Dahhhling. 


Today was really special, I met up with my old university friends, I can’t believe it has been over a year since we have been together.  There is something really special about seeing the girls. I remember moving into my old halls of residence vividly, like it was yesterday. It was a Wednesday and it was raining, when my taxi pulled up outside of my halls of residence. I had just flown many miles crossing the big wide ocean leaving life as I knew it behind and with it all my friends and family back home.

I had specifically chosen those halls of residence, because I felt that the common room would be good for making friends and meeting people.

I was on my own, excited and a little scared of what to expect. Those university years, I made true friends for life, and I look back at that time fondly, staying up till 3am chatting, going out in fancy dress and our first Christmas dinner together. Not to mention we always had the nicest view of Manchester sunsets. Those are some of my favourite memories.

We lived together, we laughed together, and we cried together over the boys who broke our hearts. We came out stronger on the other side and we started living the lives that we had grafted for ourselves. We started careers, got married and had babies and while we may be up at 3am for entirely different reasons, no one can take those memories away.

I will always have a smile on my face when I look back to that Wednesday, when it was raining, and when I carried my ginormous suitcase up to my new room and started my new life.

The girls always have a special place in my heart and its always a blast seeing them and finding out what everyone has been up to. To 10 more years of fabulousness, dahhhling!

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