Writing Your Story

img_2431I have always had a dream of becoming a writer. I love stories. I can listen to them for hours. Diving into fantastic worlds of fictional or non fictional characters and let them come alive in front of my eyes. I also love sharing stories, the best stories I know are the ones that happen to you and me day in day out.

Becoming a mum

has allowed me to enter a whole new exciting stage in my life and I get to see the world through the eyes of my daughter. You see this whole new person develop right under your eyes.

Her story has only just started. At the same time, I feel that my story has only just begun, too. In many respects, I don’t feel like the same person anymore. My friend Helen once said to me “You go from being this professional, organised person to not washing your hair for days and drinking your morning cuppa after it has gone cold.” Or something to that effect. Naturally, my overworked baby brain doesn’t remember exactly how she worded it.

Do you feel like you waved goodbye to the ‘old you’?

Of course not. The old me is still somewhere in there. Under lots of layers of mumsyness. What you do feel though, is absolutely immense. A metaphorical landmine of love for this little person. Your person. And your other half. Birth changes you. You can be scooping up a bucketload of baby poo and still master an “Awww” at the end of it. Two things which I never thought I would do.

And my baby’s story has yet to be written. She is all brand new. No one has broken her little heart yet. Which of course will never happen, because daddy will be interviewing any potential boyfriends first and put them through a rigorous application process. He also mentioned baseball bats somewhere in there, but thats a whole different story for another time perhaps.

Maybe we will never go back to being who we were before, and that’s ok.

Instead, our aim should be to take our strong points, and best moments, put them in a hand luggage sided 50 by 40 by 20 little wheely case and step out into this new adventure.

Here is to writing our own stories, as parents to our beautiful children, and finding our voices again as women.


There is nothing as good as the inspirational people we look up to. Today’s post has been inspired by the beautiful and talented Vicki on Honestmum and also by Helen, fellow mummy and strong woman

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