Review: Trying out some exciting new flavours with Prepboxx

~ Saturday 18th November 2017 ~

prepboxx healthy delicious meal box

It’s pretty hard to find the time to make healthy meals that are nutritionally balanced with a nearly 2 year old toddler. When you think of typical healthy foods, you often think of chicken, rice and broccoli or salad. The reality is that, recently, I have been feeling a bit uninspired with my meal planning.  Here, at Fabulousmummy HQ, we had... View Article

How my Baby changed my life: Embracing the uncertainty

~ Thursday 9th November 2017 ~

toddler forrest baby changed life uncertainty

I was reading Vicki from Honestmum’s recent post “Pregnant Then Screwed’s March of the Mummies”. And, it really struck a chord with me. I feel so strongly about working and raising my baby. It’s only really since becoming a mum myself that I’ve become aware of the issue of cultural and institutional discrimination against mothers. I want to share my story,... View Article

Toddler Day out: Sunshine’s craft cafe in Warrington

~ Tuesday 24th October 2017 ~

sunshine's craft cafe latchford mum and toddler

Today, I met up with my lovely friend E. who adores crafts and her little girl for a little playdate and coffee. I’ve heard through the grapevine that there was a new craft cafe in Latchford, Warrington so we went to check it out. We went for a walk with the little ones in a nearby park and afterwards, popped... View Article

Birdies and Dinosaurs with Swedish clothes brand me&i

~ Thursday 5th October 2017 ~

meandi birdies printed skater dress swedish clothes brand

I had the opportunity to try out some of the beautifully designed clothes from Swedish brand me&i. And of course, I said yes! I had noticed the brand circa 2015 on Honestmum and immediately fell in love with the concept. Fun, colourful garments for both boys and girls made from organic cotton. What’s not to love? When I was pregnant... View Article

It’s hard being a working mother

~ Wednesday 4th October 2017 ~

mum and baby

I’m not going to lie. My mum always used to say to me that you can have a career. Or you can have a baby. I really don’t believe that we live in a time where its it’s either or. That doesn’t mean that I never get overwhelmed or anxious. Being a working parent is hard! When I was on... View Article

Weekend away in the Lake District: Fell Foot National Trust Park

~ Thursday 7th September 2017 ~

little girl in fell foot national trust park lake windemere

Sometimes, I just want to take a day off being a mum. I don’t know if anyone can relate. We had been planning our little weekend away for months, with my besties, men and children. I think as mums we do like to feel guilty for wanting some me time or for wanting to indulge in an adult conversation. It’s... View Article

Should I raise my daughter bilingual?

~ Tuesday 15th August 2017 ~

toddler and mum

I was lucky that my parents exposed me to 2 languages from a very young age: Croatian and German. Having said that, when I was growing up, I didn’t like being different. And I hated having the lunchbox with the cheese and pate sandwiches. Kids can be mean, you know? I loved how my nana handled the whole growth spurt... View Article

5 Things we have discovered cycling in Croatia

~ Thursday 10th August 2017 ~

mountain bike in Croatia Komiza Vis

We love being active on holidays. Just lying by the pool ( or the beach) is nice, but sometimes, we like to put our back pack on and go out exploring. Croatia has a plethora of National Parks, hiking trails and bike paths that are just waiting to be explored. And for afters, you can sit down and relax to... View Article

Toddler’s tea: Shepherd’s pie with cheese crust and sweet potato

~ Thursday 3rd August 2017 ~

Shepherds Pie Recipe

This is a lovely variation of the traditional shepherds pie receipe. I love experimenting with different ingredients – in a ( seemingly never-ending) attempt to get the toddler to eat more veggies and making up tasty easy recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. The easiest way to cook up toddler meals, for us, is to divvy up little portions... View Article

Exploring Croatia with Kids: Paklenica National Park

~ Sunday 30th July 2017 ~

Our second hiking adventure this family vacay was in Paklenica National park. Croatia has a plethora of national parks and hiking trails.  I’ve loved the outdoors, since I was a little girl. I would spend summer after summer with my grandparents, in Croatia. However, we never ventured any further than southern Dalmatia. When I first met Mark, we discovered our... View Article