Weekend away in the Lake District: Fell Foot National Trust Park

~ Thursday 7th September 2017 ~

little girl in fell foot national trust park lake windemere

Sometimes, I just want to take a day off being a mum. I don’t know if anyone can relate. We had been planning our little weekend away for months, with my besties, men and children. I think as mums we do like to feel guilty for wanting some me time or for wanting to indulge in an adult conversation. It’s... View Article

5 Things we have discovered cycling in Croatia

~ Thursday 10th August 2017 ~

mountain bike in Croatia Komiza Vis

We love being active on holidays. Just lying by the pool ( or the beach) is nice, but sometimes, we like to put our back pack on and go out exploring. Croatia has a plethora of National Parks, hiking trails and bike paths that are just waiting to be explored. And for afters, you can sit down and relax to... View Article

Toddler’s tea: Shepherd’s pie with cheese crust and sweet potato

~ Thursday 3rd August 2017 ~

Shepherds Pie Recipe

This is a lovely variation of the traditional shepherds pie receipe. I love experimenting with different ingredients – in a ( seemingly never-ending) attempt to get the toddler to eat more veggies and making up tasty easy recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. The easiest way to cook up toddler meals, for us, is to divvy up little portions... View Article

Exploring Croatia with Kids: Paklenica National Park

~ Sunday 30th July 2017 ~

Our second hiking adventure this family vacay was in Paklenica National park. Croatia has a plethora of national parks and hiking trails.  I’ve loved the outdoors, since I was a little girl. I would spend summer after summer with my grandparents, in Croatia. However, we never ventured any further than southern Dalmatia. When I first met Mark, we discovered our... View Article

3 Easy and Nutritious Toddler Snacks

~ Wednesday 26th July 2017 ~

toddler face eating snack

I was very excited at the opportunity to team up with the guys at Indigo Herbs try out some of their yummy organic ingredients. Lila is 19 months now and has been eating big people foods from day 1 of our weaning journey. We did a combo of baby led weaning and soft foods like yoghurt or porridge. Even though... View Article

Transition from cot to bed – my lil girl is not a baby anymore

~ Friday 7th July 2017 ~

toddler transition cot to bed

Last night, we reached another milestone. Lily slept in her big girl bed for the first time. I cried a little bit, because my baby is not a baby anymore. After returning from our holiday, we are back to our usual bed time routine. I noticed the toddler has been foregoing bedtime story time and started climbing into her cot.... View Article

My Signature Tomato Mozzarella Salad

~ Sunday 25th June 2017 ~

Tomato Mozarella Basil Salad

This delicious tomato mozzarella salad is my ultimate summer go to salad. I call it my signature salad, because I keep going back to it time and time again. You can have it as a side, or bring it along if you’re invited to a BBQ. It’s refreshing, tasty and a family favourite.   Here’s what you need for the... View Article

Gluten – Free Eating in Croatia

~ Monday 19th June 2017 ~

stuffed calamari

Due to having an underactive thyroid and irregular IBS flare ups, my eating habits are swinging more to a gluten free ( sometimes dairy free)  way of eating. It makes me feel better and my skin looks miles better. Traditionally, Croatia hasn’t had much love for people who eat differently. I can see though that this is slowly changing and... View Article

What’s in my Baby Beach Bag?

~ Wednesday 14th June 2017 ~

baby beach bag

I used to worry a whole lot about what to take to the beach with baby: How many nappies, what is an UV tent and can you breastfeed a baby on the beach?! A year on, and the toddler is toddling a whole lot more, while the content of said baby beach bag haven’t changed much at all. Family Beach... View Article